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3DCOAT Software

Shape your 3D ideas through 3DCoat tool! It is a one-stop application where you are given the liberty to portray full textured organic or hard surface model. 3DCoat can be used for Digital Sculpting, Texturing & PBR and much more.

3D Coat Features

Easy Texturing & PBR. Digital Sculpting. Ultimate Retopo Tools. Fast & Friendly UV Mapping

3DCoat Features

3DCoating brings the best features for you. Digital Sculpting such as the Adaptive dynamic tesselation, Boolean operations technology; the ultimate retopo tools which come with easy to use manuals; the use of Native Global Uniform (GU) unwrapping algorithm with Multiple UV-sets and many more features makes 3DCoating not only unique but also widely used as it is very easy, fun and user friendly.


Clean and compact UI. Quick start video series. Customizable Print area. Dedicated Export Wizard.


3dcprinting is here for you to play with possibly anything which exists in this real world. It has a clean and compact UI which makes it extremely easy for modeling. Moreover, 3dcprinting has devoted Export Wizard and print area that can be easily customized according to your requirement. Get its short and quick start video and get your assets crafted.

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