MAX2AE version 4.2

Boomer Labs MAX2AE Plugin

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MAX2AE version 4.2 supports 3ds MAX (2015 to 2019) and is a seamless bridge between MAX and After Effects (6.5, 7.0, CS2/3/5/6, CC). Easily integrate After Effects elements into your MAX renders, matching all features and parameters of Max cameras, lights and objects.

This means all properties of a Max camera can be rendered into AE. MAX2AE offers object to layer animation matching, MAX light to AE light animation matching, Handles all resolutions, pixel aspects and frame rates.

MAX2ae includes the ability to create ‘helper planes’ in MAX which represent the AE layer. The ‘helpers’ provide a highly accurate way to visualize the AE layer relevant to your MAX scene. Just like any other MAX object, these ‘helpers’ can be animated, then used to output keyframe data to AE layers for a perfect match! They can also be rendered from MAX to generate track mattes for AE layer occlusion!

With MAX2AE discover for your selves the benefits of having a seamlessly matched animated Cameras, Objects and Lights.

Boomer Labs MAX2AE Plugin
buy boomer labs max2ae plugin

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