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BorisFX develops software tools that help achieve the most remarkable visual effects. From creating art to better editing – you can do everything with these tools. Buy BorisFX plugins in India at the best price for editing, visual effects, and motion graphics.


There are some new latest features in the updated Continuum 2020 version that enhance the operating speed and make it simple and easier to use. This new studio is also improved with many post-processing options for color correction, drop shadow, light wrap and unique 27 types of blend modes. Let's check all of the additions in the new Continuum 2020 at a glance.

  • New Corner Pin Studio for simplification of screen inserts process and more functions with single Mocha planar tracker to make it easier
  • New Reflection Effect will let you easily generate a planar reflection instantly with AE’s native built-in animatable 3D cameras.
  • New Cast Shadow Effect in your image with its next-gen Cast Shadow that comes with a total controlling option for color, intensity and shadow blur length
  • New Curl Effect is a wrap effect to create underwater distortions, heat haze, surface drops, smoky effects and more to tweak the angle, number, and speed of curls.
  • There are 6 new drag and drop transitions feature for the editors to spice-up their creation.
  • Curl Dissolve creates a psychedelic look to your creation. Just drag-and-drop the dissolve in your clip by using its presets and customize.
  • Colorize Glow Dissolve – This transition can pump-up the projects with its slick stylized dose of color to control color glow with gradient generator.
  • RGB Displacement Dissolve – This transition helps to separate all color channels and add warp displacements into it to make it suitable for highly-stylized looks and music videos.
  • RGB Blur Dissolve – It gives artists and editors more options in RGB color channels between two different clips. The latest version includes a master level blur control, separate vertical and horizontal scale control options.
  • Kaleidoscope Dissolve – Now you can easily apply this kaleidoscope geometric effect between your clips with this updated feature.
  • Prism Dissolve – This transition is there to add a subtle chromatic aberration with prismatic color separation to dissolve between your clips.
  • New Mocha Area Brush tool with Quick Mask mode allows you to mask and track faster by using its paint-like gestural strokes.
  • New Particle Illusion includes new UI improvements and functionalities to enjoy a fast working experience.
  • New Title Studio version comes with many updated and professionally-designed materials & shaders, preset templates and an overall interface that make your working speed faster.


SAPPHIRE 2020 is back with many high-end visual effects plug-in that supports OpenColorIO in Industry-standard adds. This OCIO support lets the artists work with a proper color pipeline to make the picture more realistic with the tools. The all-new and latest feature makes this Sapphire 2020 a great platform to boost-up your working and designing ability to the next level.

With this new Sapphire 2020, it offers creative options and new workflows to work on high-end graphics, broadcast programming, theatrical or streaming for the motion designers, artists, and editors. Let’s check all the new tools and facilities with this new and updated version of Sapphire 2020.

  • The S_FreeLens is featured with a combination of lens distortion, light leaks, moving focal point and tilt-shift. It makes the effects more user-friendly for the artists.
  • New Functionality With the built-in Compare Mode feature of Sapphire 2020
  • New Faster Renders that is backed with GPU (NVIDIA only) and CPU to deliver renders with specific effects by nearly three
  • New Presets Browser of the Sapphire 2020 comes with a feature of Compare Mode. A useful one for grading or color correction in a filtered source
  • New OpenColorIO color management support to provide consistent color supply to the internal applications like Flare Designer Effect & Transition Builder and Preset Browser.
  • New Easier Tracking to link with Sapphire positional parameters with a single effect. (Mocha tracking effects Rays, EdgeRays, Luna, Zap, LensFlare, Spotlight, Grunge, FreeLens, Aurora, and MuzzleFlash)


There are new features and technologies which are added in New MOCHA PRO 2020 to make the workflow fast and easier for the artists. It comes with all the new planar tracking and temporal frame analysis that helps you to create all the extended stitched frames in your advanced effects and clean-up task. You can also get proper assistance in your fishing workflow and high-end VFX.

This new MOCHA PRO 2020 has facilities like GPU-accelerated tracking, advanced masking with edge-snapping, lens calibration, stabilization, stereo 360/VR support, 3D camera solver and more.

  • Mega Plate module handles temporal frame analysis and planar tracking for a stitched extended frame in all visual effect tasks.
  • Area Brush is a Quick Mask mode option to create masking and tracking layers quickly. It brings fluid gestural paint to define and simplifying multi-shape masking and planar tracking areas.
  • OpenColorIO Color Management that supports the display with predictable and consistent color in your workflow. It supports you in VFX applications and high-end post-production like Autodesk Flame, Avid Media Composer and more.
  • Python Scripting is designed and backed up to support Python 3.7


The new Silhouette 2020 brings you some updated features and many other time-saving tools for digital paint artists. The new version is integrated with Mocha planar tracking without any additional cost. Let's check all the new updates of Silhouette 2020

  • The new Integrated Mocha tracking is included in the new Silhouette 2020 that comes without any additional charge.
  • The New Roto Tools can assist in articulate animations, realistic motion blur, and many others.
  • The New Paint Tools in Silhouette 2020 brings to you some new and advanced features that include Burn, Detail and Dodge facilities. 
  • Adding the valuable advanced planar tracking Mocha Pro plug-in in Silhouette 2020 has increased tracking & VFX workflows that help the whole process to run faster.
  • New Silhouette 2020 is back with its improved group tracking facility for multiple planar surfaces in addition to tracking all the non-planar surfaces through its overlapping shapes.
  • New nodes DOD and Extract Detail is the core feature of Silhouette. Now it is included with the latest 145 specialty nodes that are technically organized with Color, Film, Diffusion, Warp, Composite, Tints, Filter, Silhouette, Lab, Image, and more
  • New Interface Enhancements in the latest Silhouette 2020 are featured with Node and Object windows, Streamlined Workspace, Multiple Viewers and a more enhanced interface that makes it simpler and faster for the artists.


Particle Illusion helps editors and artists by giving them access to an easy-to-use motion graphics generator and high-end particle. Now with its updated version of 2020, you can easily create preset-driven photorealistic particle effects instantly for background graphics, titles and lower thirds. Let's check all the updates on the new and updated features in Particle Illusion.

  • Real-time Particle Generation is a high-end user-friendly interface that makes motion graphics generation like smoke, sparkles, fireworks, etc. easy.
  • Integrated MOCHA Tracking & Masking is a new addition in Particle Illusion that gives the users a unique advantage and makes it simple
  • Revamped Emitter Library is a collection of thousands of professionally designed presets to make the process fast and easy.
  • Fully Editable Particle Properties is a fully customizable properties group that makes your perfect particle animation fast.
  • Over-Life Particle Color & Alpha Control helps to tweak color and other alpha gradients instantly.
  • Standalone Option is there to help the artists and editors to create and save preset effects with the standalone application.

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