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Corona Renderer Features

Set the Corona Renderer as your main rendering engine and get the best high-performance renderer for your 3Ds Max, 4D Cinema and the SketchUp. Light adjustments, tone adjustments, conversion of scenes are only a few of the promising features of Corona Renderer.

Corona Renderer Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

The Corona Renderer is one of its kind as it is user-friendly, much easy to understand the functionalities and most importantly, the tool you would love to work with. It is easily compatible with most of the third-party engines. In fact, it is so handy and easy that you can learn in just one day!

Corona Rendering Quality

Rendering Quality

The rendering quality of Corona Renderer is just impeccable. It gives you unmatched quality which is much reliable, physically plausible, great realistic lightings and splotches artifacts.

Corona Renderer Speed & Interactivity

Speed & Interactivity

Corona Renderer brings you the most interactive and speedy renderer for your space. No parsing and no rendering time is our sole motto and we are up to the mark.

Corona Renderer is Affordable


Corona Renderer successfully achieves two of its primary goals. One being affordable and other being reliable. Corona Renderer is a very affordable product and has already reached many parts of the world and hence it is being used by many users.

Corona Renderer Powerful Workflow Tools

Powerful Workflow Tools

Work on your post-production stuff of your rendered only through Corona. It comes with a substantial range of workflow tools such as exposure, contrast, white balance, vignette intensity, curves, denoising, sharpening and much more.

Corona Renderer Flexibility


Corona Renderer very well understands the importance of flexibility of adjustments so that you acquire the desired results. And hence has come up with various such hacks to help you can play with its unique features.

Corona Renderer Lights


Lights are an integral part of any scenario. With the Corona Renderer, you can now play with the massive range of interactive light features and make your scene livelier. Moreover, you can now change the intensity of the lights falling on your objects along with the color while working and also after rendering.

Corona Renderer Materials


The Corona Renderer materials are simply the best as it is flexible and physically based, no confusing parameters used and very easy to set up. You need not hover with different types of materials but can rely on single Corona material.

Corona Distributed Rendering

Distributed Rendering

Rendering is compatible with multi computers as Corona Renderer has its own rendering system which will help you to reduce the times of render. You can easily search as the rendering process is automated for Corona and the nodes will automatically connect and disconnect as per your system’s power of switched on and off.

Corona Renderer CPU Based

Proudly CPU Based

Corona Renderer is purely CPU based of your processor be it from Intel or AMD released. It avoids problems like limitations of GPU, bottlenecks rendering, limited memory, high cost, unpredictability, high heat and many such issues. Moreover, it does not require an additional hardware.

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