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Greyscalegorilla - Tools & Training For Motion Designers

Greyscalegorilla is a provider of all the needful tools, training, tutorials, plugins and other products for motion designing community. It is the leading source of Cinema 4D animation education and assets. With dedicated customer area, support center and no hassle of a license, Greyscalegorilla give you the most to explore the motion design at every level.

Greyscalegorilla City-Kit

City Kit helps to customize city models in 4D cinema. It comes with 24/7 access to download facilities, hassle-free license with more than 50 building types, day and night city rig and lighting preset facility. City Kit also has 10 ready-to render city preset with useful training and tutorials to shape your city in a stylized look.


GorillaCam is a plug-in for C4D R16 or above which can fit into your animated camera to make the output extremely real. It is mainly used to smooth-out the camera linear and adding subtle look on the overshoot targets. GorillaCam includes 24/7 access to download and GSG connect slack channel.

Greyscalegorilla Complete Suite

The complete suite is a complete package for all your necessary tools and assets like animation, rendering and lighting tools for C4D, plus HDRI and textures. It includes city kits, gorillacam, daily material collection, signals, light kits, total HDRI pack and many more to give your animation a real look. Get this complete suite now!

Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro 3

It is a studio lighting plugin for C4D, compatible with standard, physical, Arnold, Octane, and redshift renderers which helps to create professional studio lighting for an object with total control. It includes 7 types of studio lights, renders switches, 40 essentials presets, light kit browser, three viewport modes and more useful features.

Greyscalegorilla Signal

Signal helps to create complex animations with intricate loops, realistic noise and additive effects without any keyframes. NEW IN v1.5 BPM modifier tab, NEW IN v1.5 time remap noise, easy-to-use animation plugin for Cinema 4D, drag and drop ease use, easy loop animation with 8 modifier types are some of the greatest features of Signal.

Greyscalegorilla Texture Kit Pro

Texture Kit Pro is a collection of more than 600 customer materials and texture for C4D which can help the professional artists in their production work. It includes more than 600 C4D materials, a wide verity of textures like wood, fabric, and brick, image-based materials, easy drag and drops facilities in the physical & standard renderer and Overlays facilities.

Greyscalegorilla Topcoat

Topcoat is a plug-in for texturing that helps to create a realistic reflection in your motion designing work. The different 8 types of custom reflection, a huge range of texture combination, instant material preview facility, simple layering, modifiers tab, horizontal & vertical layout, in-built Anisotropy and easy to use interface are the greatest features of Topcoat.

Greyscalegorilla Transform

Transform is a C4D time-saving animation plugin to make the complex motions simple by using under-the-hood procedural techniques. Animate and Transform any C4D Object, creating logos, models, and clones, Polygon mode effects with Fracture Voronoi, Nondestructive and easy Mograph Workflow, 4 Main modes, Custom animation mode, direction control, speed changing facilities are the key-features of transform.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Studio Rig

HDRI Studio Rig a C4D lighting plugin which can add global illumination lighting and reflections to the high dynamic range images. In-built “C4D Shadow Catcher”, seamless floor controls, HDRI browser, render setting presets, simple slider interface, “Rotation preview” facilities are the most attractive features of HDRI Studio Rig which are suitable for any GSG HDRI Packs.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Link

HDRI Link is a plugin that allows renderers to connect with extensive HDRI Expansion Pack library. C4D tag plugin, drag and drop simplicity, fast loading GSG HDRI browser, fast HDRI selection and rendering, full rez mode for high rez reflections are the prime key features of this plugin.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Area Light Maps

These 3D dome-shaped lights of HDRI provides the right texture to the area light. It is compatible with HDRI Link for Cinema 4D. Area lightmaps are professional studio lights and include Redshift, Octane, Arnold V-Ray and Corona. It has 2k Resolution EXR Files with HDRI Link ready and is perfect for achieving a real-world environment.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Commercial Locations

Commercial location of HDRI pack includes innumerable product shots captured by an expert commercial art director. The realistic images can be implemented in Cinema 4D. The commercial location pack gives you the access to download it 24x7 and contains perfect realistic Commercial lighting. It has a good number of 15 high-resolution HDRI shots.

HDRI Pack: Commercial Locations
HDRI Pack: European Holiday

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: European Holiday

This pack covers 26 high-quality images which are 4D Cinema compatible. You need not wait for a license or an authorization code to run and can download it via Greyscalegorilla account. The shots were captured by an expert at various times of the day. Car interior and Church Entrance are the most popular ones.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Modern Industrial

This pack contains 20 HDRIs that are useful in commercial projects. It covers commercial environments like modern office surrounding, lobbies, etc. These are professionally captured shots have are 4D Cinema compatible with HDRI Studio Rig and HDRI Link and are highly dynamic. It can be installed without waiting for an authorization code.

HDRI Pack: Modern Industrial

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Paradise

This packet is a collection of 30 HDR images exploring Brazil and South America. It provides amazing high resolution, picture perfect captures ranging from sunrise to sunset which enhances the view of outdoor renders. This pack is easy to download, 4D Cinema compatible and can be easily downloaded through Greyscalegorilla account.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Pro Studios

The HDRI Pro Studios Pack adds life to the 3D product models and variety of scenes. It covers professional 75 high dynamic range images at 6000x3000px which enhances studio lighting. It can be downloaded anytime without going through a license issue. It is 4D cinema compatible with HDRI Studio Rig and HDRI Link.

HDRI Pack: Pro Studios
HDRI Pack: Pro Studios Metal

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Pro Studios Metal

This pack of 45 high dynamic range images creates realistic metal looks for intense visual effects. The shiny objects are real shots and can be used in Cinema 4D to give a vibrant effect to the scenes. It gives an experience of a hassle-free download which can be done without waiting for authorization of license.

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Road Trip

This HDRI Pack covering more than 90 HDR images is mainly intended to be used in Cinema 4D with HDRI Studio Rig or HDRI Link. It can be accessed anytime without the authorization code. It can be used just after installing. This manifold HDRI pack gives the experiences of different buildings, hotels, indoor, outdoor, etc.

HDRI Pack: Road Trip
HDRI Pack: Ultimate Skies

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Pack: Ultimate Skies

This pack consists of 85 sky HDRIs of ultra high-dynamic-range images. It enhances outdoor renders and is perfect for 3D projects. These spectacular clear sky images are free from any obstacles like building, posts, trees or any random items. The pictures eliminate the lens flares and are built with 2K resolution.

Greyscalegorilla 3D Dust Particulate

The 3D Dust animated cache gives a perfect look to intensify a scene and brings a beautiful atmospheric effect. These 3D Dust Alembic file can be rotated to add duplicate dust particles for a dense effect. Neither an application software nor any plug-in is required. These Alembic files are needed to be dragged and dropped.

dust particulate
4K Dust Elements

Greyscalegorilla 4K Dust Elements

4K Dust Elements are a complete package for compositors, video editors and VFX artists to create 25 high-resolution video overlays. Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro and Hit Film are the common compositing software where 4K Dust Elements can be used.

Greyscalegorilla Grade LUTs

Gorilla Grade LUTs are used in a set of 100 different cinematic color grades in 3D renders, motion design, live action and photos. Presets access for Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere, NO HASSLE LICENSE, Painless Installation and QUICK START VIDEOS GSG LUTs are the key features of Gorilla Grade LUTs.

Pop Studios for Light Kit Pro 3

Greyscalegorilla Pop Studios for Light Kit Pro 3

Pop Studios for Light Kit Pro 3 is a collection of 40 vibrant studio presets for Cinema 4D to adjust the Light Kit Pro 3 plugin. Standard and Physical, Arnold, Octane and Redshift are the supported render engines of Pop Studios for motion designers and 3D artists to tune the lighting and reflections with incredible precision.

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