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iToo software is exclusively for your environmental after effects. Show your creativity using the iToo software by stimulating the patterns of natural distortion in the forest trees, ground covers, rocks, foliage models, bushes, flowers and much more. With its most popularly used plugins like the Forest Pack, The3dGarden, RailClone create the modellings for the 3ds Max.

iTOO Software Forest Pack

Forest pack

Forest Pack is one of the most popular plugins for 3D Max®. it is one of the best plugins used to stimulate patterns of natural distortion. Right from trees to plants to buildings, rocks, ground cover, crowds, aggregates and many more, forest Pack is simply the complete scatter model.


Get the most unique array based powerful modeling plugin in the world. You can now create variations by arbitrarily objects, UV mappings and material IDs through Rail Clone. It is one fastest, efficient and artist friendly, easy to learn plugin.

iTOO Software RailClone
iTOO Software The3dGarden


With The3dGarden is now available from iToo Software where you can have an exclusive range of high quality of foliage models and trees. Various collections such as the winter collection, bushes and flower collection and the summer collection give us spectacular effects.

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