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HDR Light Studio: The fastest way to perfect lighting

HDR Light Studio software provides 3D artists with a new way to light 3D imagery. Paint your shot with lights. The lighting process is now easy, fast, precise, creative and enjoyable. HDR Light Studio builds lighting that is used by your existing 3D software and renderer. By adding HDR Light Studio, 3D artists become more productive and image quality improves.

HDR Light Studio - Carbon

This new major release of HDR Light Studio is called Carbon – the element used in the filament of the first commercially available light bulbs.
Version numbers have now been replaced with nick names.

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Tighter integrations bring leading 3D Renderers directly inside the HDR Light Studio interface.

HDR Light Studio - Xenon

New Blender Connection

We are proud to release our new Blender Connection. This brand new connection is the big new feature in our Xenon Drop 1 release. This Blender Add-on is a free addition for existing Indie, Pro and Automotive customers with active Subscriptions or Maintenance.


We have developed a new TCP/IP based API (Application Programming Interface) for HDR Light Studio. This new API is significantly faster, providing a far more responsive lighting experience for the 3D artist.

The first connections to use the new API are the new Blender Connection and the Octane Render Standalone Connection. We are aiming to port other connections to use the new API, where applicable, in future connection updates.

Interactive Image Based Lighting

The dynamic HDRI environment map is updated in real-time as lights are added and adjusted, as is the Render View that is lit by it.

HDR Light Studio Interactive Image Based Lighting India

HDRI Area Lights

HDR Light Studio can also create and control 3D Area Lights / Emitters inside your 3D software.
These are positioned with the same intuative interface, clicking and dragging on the 3D model.

HDRI Area Lights India

Area Lights are currently compatible with 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and MODO Connections.