LME Video Wall Maker Plugin

LME - Video Wall Maker Plugin

LME - Video Wall Maker Plugin

The above video wall was created with the Video Wall Maker plugin in
about 2 minutes.

Create amazing video wall in just 2 mins by using the Video Wall Maker plugin just like the above. The credit for this beautiful curve that you can see is nothing but the after-effects of the native plugins, Bulge and Bezier Warp. You can add numerous effects to your video wall to give you the desired x-factor in your video wall. The refection of this specific video wall was fabricated by setting the scale to 100 and -100, which helped in turning it upside down on the copy of the wall comp. Only 27% opacity was set for it. Moreover, the alluring background that you see was created with the help of AR plugins Grid and Flare.

However, you can choose from the various AE native plugins to gleam your video wall. Few to be named precisely are shatter, rotate, CC Sphere and many other non-native effects are also available.

Plugin Overview

A video wall is generally created with a fixed of jpegs, movies, and other graphics. The elements can be animated in numerous ways like the way you want to portrait. In fact, keyframes too can be used to adjust them. Moreover, you get the alternative to add a television or rather flat screen graphics to add glamour to the elements of your wall. Also, the customized creation of yours is allowed.

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