Buy Muster 9 render management software in india

Muster 9 - Render Management Software

Muster 9 is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management and distributed data processing system tailored for films production, games development, and visual effects industry. Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from more than fifteen years of developing and stress testing all around the world, Muster maximizes your computing capabilities and let you delegate the resources automation and monitoring to a complete integrated environment.

  • Gorgeous images and sequences viewer totally integrated with your jobs
  • Images thumbnails preview
  • Groundbreaking errors and warnings reports
  • A Web interface is written with responsiveness in mind
  • Dual stack IPV4/IPV6 support
  • Backup facilities
  • Easy multiple engines versioning system
  • Image slicing jobs. Render a single frame across multiple hosts
  • Free frames range support to render specific frames and sequences
  • Emergency mode top-level jobs queue
  • Redesigned email delivery and building though Python customization
  • Redesigned users, groups and notifications
  • Chunks parallel or specific dependencies
  • Multitask templates

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