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Sitnisati Visual Effects Plugins

Sitnisati FumeFX 3DS Max

FumeFX 3DS Max

Unveil the true power of simulating and rendering realistic smoke and fire explosions using FumeFX. This fluid dynamics plugin for Autodesk 3ds gives you the real flavor to our visualization professionals in adding effects in the games and to our visual effect artists.

FumeFX Maya

Give your games and the artists, the real feel of rendering smoke, extensive explosions, fire visual effects and much more by using the FumeFXMaya plugin in which is a powerful fluid dynamics plugin used in Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max.

Sitnisati FumeFX Maya
Sitnisati AfterBurn


AfterBurn is a unique plugin of a volumetric particle-effect engine where you get emphasized on the realistic formation of voluminous effects. Give yourself a pragmatic approach to create the clouds, pyroclastic smoke, dust, explosions effects and liquid metals using AfterBurn.


Create the best scenery with the help of DreamScape, a tool which is mastered by creating the dynamic natural scenery within 3ds Max. The DreamScape tool is available with three powerful components, terrain (called Terra), sky and sea.

Sitnisati DreamScape

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