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Get constant interaction with full effects on your final image with the newly designed Clarisse which is specially designed for your graceful work. Clarisse experts in assembling and creating immense environments, lighting, rendering and look development. Check out yourself the Clarisse, you always wanted to use.

Clarisse iFX

The most powerful CG toolset is here for you to enhance the look development, lighting, rendering and set-dressing. It is the most trusted and renowned tool used by the international studious as it empowers with user friendly interaction, enhanced speed and the power to you to get over the datasets of the polygons. Clarisse iFX has an integrated CPU rendering engine which is based for interacting with full visibility on the rich heavy data environments, assets and scenes. It is moreover flexible, intuitive and the most comprehensive tool which is simply the ideal for studios and production teams of CG today.

Clarisse BUiLDER

Over four years of R&D, Clarisse BUiLDER is here for you with its brand-new solutions to your complex challenges of high-end VFX and animation studios. It is considered as an extremely powerful node-based solution for developing high-end rendering, pre-composting, lighting, look-dev, and interactive scenes. Take control over the bazillion polygons of both macro and micro complex images by accessing the authorized tools of Clarisse iFX’s within the Clarisse BUiLDER. Clarisse BUiLDER is simply the most ultimate and powerful package to deal with the scene complexity at a larger scale.


CNode is altogether much different and is a standalone command line application which is distributed with Clarisse. It does not have a graphical user interface and runs absolutely on Python scripts. CNode is the best for the proprietary pipelines. It renders Clarisse images while interacting with the Python shells. The output of CNode is an XML file wherein it has the render settings and file dependencies which becomes much easy to integrate the Clarisse rendering engines.


Engulf yourself to the powerful new workflows and tools of Clarisse 4.0.

Clarisse 4.0 is now enhanced with the transform manipulator streamlines workflow and new tools to make a soothing dressing for the Clarisse artists. It now allows you to attach items on the deformed animated geometry very speedily as it reduces the mouse clicks and a number of operations. Rotation, scaling, movement, manipulation, snapping is now much efficient and faster than before. Get your animated items with absolute perfect geometry it is attached to!

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