VFX Software

At Tathastu, we believe in delivering the best to you. We offer a gamut of services in the software industry. Whether you are an artist or an editor, we have an assortment of technologically advanced software programs that will meet your requirements. With our vfx software packages, you can enhance your digital experience. Visuals effects, 3D effects, after effects, video editing, motion design, lighting and many more such things are made easier and better with our software range.

If you are creating Cinema 4D or working with Body Paint 3D functionality – Maxon provides online resources like video tutorials and online documentation for the same.

VectorWorks is one of the best possible and flexible solutions, helping you in your entire designing work process. It is the ultimate designing software that simplifies your model, sketch, and presenting works as a designer.

Create new assets by taking massive CAD assemblies into AAA game scenes or VR applications, all the features of InstaLOD delivers you with outstanding results and performances.

isotropix - Clarisse

Get constant interaction with full effects on your final image with the newly designed Clarisse which is specially designed for your graceful work.

This approach entirely removes the artisan shot sculpting associated with traditional rigging and enables character results of unparalleled quality in all forms of digital media, including films, games, VR, AR, medical, retail and more.

Buy video copilot Plugin India

If you are into motion design and visual effects, Video Copilot can help you achieve more with tutorials and enhanced tools.

We handle our filmmaking and optical effects devices to tell tales, which in change aids us to make more salutary tools. Observe our cinemas and later go behind the displays to discover how to construct your own.

Buy BorisFX Software India

BorisFX develops software tools that help achieve the most remarkable visual effects. From creating art to better editing – you can do everything with these tools.

Buy Greyscale Gorilla in india

GreyscaleGorilla is a provider of all the needful tools, training, tutorials, plugins and other products for motion designing community. It is the leading source of Cinema 4D animation education and assets.

Buy RE:Vision Effects India

They provide software solutions for any digital pixel manipulation problem. Add more to your videos and animation with the host of products from RE:Vision Effects.

Buy FXFactory Pro For Final Cut Pro India

It’s a storefront for pro video plugins from as many as twenty eight different developers. It is responsible for installing and updating plugins for various compatible applications.

Buy Cebas- Thinking Particles, Final Render, PSD Manager India

Cebas offers an assortment of propriety production solutions for visualization design organizations and VFX studios, including but not limited to GPU rendering software.

Buy RayFire Software Plugin India

The Rayfire tool helps you to break down, wreck, destroy, shoot and do much more. It helps you to demonstrate technical simulation and fragmentation.

Buy HDR Light Studio India

Getting perfect lighting is made easier with Lightmap that enables 3D artists to light their 3D imagery in new and innovative ways.


This new 3D technology enables you to create natural elements like trees, plants, rocks and grass. You can use this to create more realistic terrains.

Buy Adobe Photoshop India

Enhance digital experiences and add value to your business or art with Adobe. It offers a wide range of services, some of which include Photoshop, Illustrator and Animator.

jawset Visual Computing India

You can now calculate the velocity, temperature, smoke density, amount of fuel etc. of fluids all through TurbulenceFD. The simulation pipeline of TurbulenceFD implements voxel-based solver based on the incompressible Navier Stokes equations.

Buy Assimilate India

Empowering creative minds, Assimilate provides an interactive creative platform that can be used for compositing, colour, realtime dailies and more.

Buy Nitro4D Plugins India

Nitro4d comes with amazing bundle of products which helps in speeding up your work, amazing help tool for AutoFracture and much more.

MAX2AE version 4.2

MAX2ae includes the ability to create ‘helper planes’ in MAX which represent the AE layer. The ‘helpers’ provide a highly accurate way to visualize the AE layer relevant to your MAX scene.

Buy Muster 9 render management software in india

Muster 9 is a cutting-edge render farm management system and distributed computing solution.

Buy New Bluefx in India

Ace the art of visual storytelling with NewBlueFX that offers on-air graphics, best video effects, titling tools and transitions!

Buy AKVIS Plugin Collection India

Akvis offers a host of technologically enhanced tools for creative work. These include tools for airbrushing, adding frames and effects to your photos and do much more.

buy Next Limit Technology Softwares in india

Next Limit Technologies S.L. engages in the research and development of simulation technologies for computer graphics, science, and engineering applications.

Redshift 3D Products India

Redshift is a powerful GPU renderer, which is much faster than other renderers. Perfect to meet the high-end production rendering demands.

Buy Sitni sati visual effects plugins in india

More than 20 long periods of involvement in innovative work of VFX programming. Delivering cutting-edge technologies designed for the most demanding production environments.

Buy iTOO Software In India

Show your creativity using the iToo software by stimulating the patterns of natural distortion in the forest trees, ground covers, rocks, foliage models, bushes, flowers and much more.

Buy Marvelous Designer In India

Marvelous Designer - Faster than ever before. Speed and quality to match your creative genius. Expand your character’s closet with clothes for every occasion. And much more.

Buy Mettle Software In India

Mettle is just the right software for you as it allows you to play vividly with the fractal flames. It is the software plugin which helps you to create and help work much faster, better and smarter. You can now render them to stereo 360 degrees with the after effects and premier pro.

LME Video Wall Maker Plugin

Create amazing video wall in just 2 mins by using the Video Wall Maker plugin just like the above. The credit for this beautiful curve that you can see is nothing but the after-effects of the native plugins, Bulge and Bezier Warp.

Frischluft After Effect Plugins in india

Frischluft.com has bought you the best plugins for video effects. The updates of the architectural changes for Lenscare 2.0, Fresh Curves, Flair, ZBorn toy have purchased the best outcomes in the videos.

Buy 3DCOAT Software

Shape your 3D ideas through 3DCoat tool! It is a one-stop application where you are given the liberty to portray full textured organic or hard surface model. 3DCoat can be used for Digital Sculpting, Texturing & PBR and much more.

Buy SpeedTree Software In India

Speedtree is a new tool wherein you get the best products developed on vegetation programming and modeling software. You can now generate the best virtual animations and architecture for your games in real time.

Buy 3dvista software In India

Classic 360º panoramas, 3D maps and floorplans, full 360º video, areal video, underwater video and photography along with promotional videos with coding and design of the interfaces are only a few of its wide features.

Buy Dragon Frame Software In India

Developed by the brothers Jamie and Dyami Caliri, DragonFrame is a software famous for stop motion animation. In many of the popular full-length motion picture and stop-motion scenes, DragonFrame has been extensively used.

Buy Nugen Audio In India

Get the exceptional enhanced professional, innovative, intuitive audio only with Nugen Audio toolkit. Nugen Audio is used by the most popular top productions of music and audio industry for its unique enhanced features.

Buy Corona Renderer In India

Set the Corona Renderer as your main rendering engine and get the best high-performance renderer for your 3Ds Max, 4D Cinema and the SketchUp.

Buy Flowbox Software India

Flowbox has technologically enhanced tools and intuitive interface that helps you ace visual effects with a brand new software platform.