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SpeedTree Software

Speedtree is a new tool wherein you get the best products developed on vegetation programming and modeling software. You can now generate the best virtual animations and architecture for your games in real time.

SpeedTree Cinema

Speedtree Cinema brings you the most popular 3D modeling software where you can intensify yourself by creating a different shape or any type of vegetation, animate and tune effects of wind and growth sequence. You can also apply fine textures in just a few clicks.

SpeedTree for Games

Speedtree Games is another most popular 3D modeling software where you can produce fine animations. Optimization, hue variation, rolling effects, realistic ambient lighting, compiler, tree library is a few of its features.

SpeedTree For UE4

Speedtree UE4 offers you a diversified full range of features in which you can play with modeling applications, lightmap UVs, shape control, add gashes or realistic knots or peeling bark along with wind effects and seamless LOD.

SpeedTree for Lumberyard

Get yourself the award-winning 3D modeling tool, Speedtree lumberyard which comes with full PBR materials workflow and new art director tools. Moreover, you get seamless integration with Amazon and automatic vertex color painting along with One-draw-call models.

Buy speedtree for lumberyard In India
Buy Speedtree for Unity In India

SpeedTree for Unity

Speedtree Unity is one of the most popular and widely used vegetation editing tools. Few of its best features include the smooth LOD transitions, foliage rendering, instanced painting, hand drawing, trees growing, tuning of the effects of wind, import mesh props and surface modeling.

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