Vectorworks - You can create anything

Vectorworks is one of the best possible and flexible solutions, helping you in your entire designing work process. It is the ultimate designing software that simplifies your model, sketch, and presenting works as a designer.

Vectorworks Architect

It's time to take the BIM to the next level and encourage your 3D or 2D designing ability freedom of creation with flexible and intuitive tools. The Vectorworks Architect is there to make the creation and process simple with its great features and accessibilities.

Precision Drawing helps create new ideas, and Creative Modeling allows you to sketch unique designing ideas freely with 3D. The Site Modeling is present with all the object improvements facilities. The Building Information Modeling feature comes with all the required designing tools. Its Algorithmic Design feature is designed to look after your algorithmic means to your customized concept. Finally, the Graphics and Presentation feature includes several graphics and designing tools to improve your presentation.

Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks Landmark helps you to build your 3D and 2D concepts and ideas with the latest and innovative industry-specific objects, irrigation tools, powerful worksheets, and more. Now create construction documents and analyze both pre and post-development site conditions, and level-up your ideas.

The GIS and Planning tool improves the GIS data and import/export process. All the Site Design and Reporting tools help you to make the presentation process to the next level. The Creative Modeling tools allow you to enhance your 3D modeling ideas with Planting and Hardscapes. The Irrigation designing tool and Graphics & Presentation tools bring you the ultimate options for 2D graphics.

Vectorworks Spotlight

Vectorworks Spotlight is an industry-trending modeling and drafting tool that helps you feel the unmatched experience with realistic effects. It is the ultimate and all-in-one solution for extreme support and flexibility of your designing process.

Precision Drawing is one of the most effective features that come with all the latest drawing options. Creative modeling for 3D modeling improvement opens many alternatives for Spotlight objects. The Reports and Coordination bring all the essential designing options to upgrade your working result with an easy and smooth effort. The Analysis and Braceworks help you to analyze all the possible alternatives inside. To connect the workflow between previz and design planning, there is Previz with Vision. In the end, Graphics and Presentation always help you to present an intuitive drag-and-drop interface of your designing work.

Vectorworks Fundamentals

Vectorworks Fundamentals is a basic design software package that makes the designing process simple with its latest cutting-edge technology for sketching, modeling, designing, and more. The feature includes all the possible tools to bring your imaginations into reality in a better way.

Precision Drawing includes all the necessary modeling processes to simplify your workflow. The Illustration feature helps you to illustrate your designing ideas with better options. With Surface and Solids Modeling, you can highlight the edges and face directly in your 3D modeling process. Reports and coordination are also present to provide the best reporting and coordination. Now accomplish your mainstream image editing works with its Rendering and Customization feature.

Vectorworks Designer

Vectorworks Designer is the ultimate solution for those designers who need all Vectorworks designer software to model, draft and present an intuitive interface in the best way. The designer comes with all the BIM and design capabilities of Vectorworks Landmark, Architect, Fundamentals, and Spotlight. It is one of the most cost-saving, time-effective, and easy-to-apply software interfaces for designers.

Fundamentals feature helps you to create every design from your imagination, and Architect allows you to sketch, model, and draw in your BIM workflow. The Spotlight is the most successful and industry-leading entertainment business software for 3D or 2D, and Landmark helps you in landscape design with its all-in-one facilities.


Vectorworks Fundamentals is a basic design software package that makes the designing process simple with its latest cutting-edge technology for sketching, modeling, designing, and more. The feature includes all the possible tools to bring your imaginations into reality in a better way.

It is the smarter and money-saving way to take overall control of your show at your fingertips with better options in both PC and MAC operating systems. It is one of the most creatively designed software that helps you in pre-visualizing your creation and proper view without traveling to the venue of the event.

Its comprehensive and customizable fixtures like gobos, colors, shutters, lenses, and many more always help you produce the best out of it. The fixture libraries are also there that can lead you to the best possible production.


Braceworks is an add-on module for professional rigging, design, and production under Vectorworks Spotlight. It also ensures compliance and safety in integrated modeling, engineering codes, analyzing and documenting in one interface.

Braceworks helps you to analyze complete 3D structural systems, conduct FEM and static analyses with graphical display results, generate detailed calculation reports automatically and also export the file as DSTV. It allows you to share information easily. Bracework is the most trustworthy solution developed by the collaboration with DeerSoft GmbH with venue operators, rigging professionals, and event planning firms for the best production.


ConnectCAD is the ideal product to create an ultimate, efficient, and detailed scenic design with Vectorworks signal flow Add-On. You can easily access all the connected systems with ConnectCAD.

With ConnectCAD, you can create simple and easy to read schematic drawings in a hybrid 2D/3D environment. It comes with a Diagram rack layouts facility, and it allows you to check errors. It also helps you to create a detailed report, and it is very easy to make changes in ConnectCad for a designer. Now you can create industry-standard Spotlight with the robust and flexible documentation and designing capabilities of ConnectCAD.

Vectorworks Cloud Services

It is now easy to liberate your data and access them anywhere and anytime with Vectorworks Cloud Services. The feature allows you to share and store files in a convenient way. One can enjoy 2 GB of Cloud Storage with a free user account and upgrade the mark to 20 GB from Vectorworks cloud services.

Cloud Services comes with all the designing benefits. You can easily access cloud files from your desktop as it has 20 GB of storage capacity. You can process PDF cloud through this. The Vectorworks Nomad mobile app helps you in on-the-go working and publishes integrated cloud from the application. It also allows you to measure objects in the PDF drawing. Now connect your smartphone to the Vectorworks application using a remote connection plug-in easily. You can easily present the design and navigate through your mobile phone device without sitting in-front-of your desktop.

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