Ziva Dynamics

Ziva's groundbreaking technology lets users rapidly simulate soft-tissue materials such as muscles, fat, cartilage, and skin, and embed real-world physics into every creation. By replicating nature, users achieve CG characters that move, flex, and jiggle just as they would in real-life. This approach entirely removes the artisan shot sculpting associated with traditional rigging and enables character results of unparalleled quality in all forms of digital media, including films, games, VR, AR, medical, retail and more.

Ziva’s Simulation Approach

Ziva uses the prevailing elastic object simulation methodology found in the field of engineering and science, the finite element method (FEM). In ZIVA VFX, we use FEM as the underlying numerical approach to model the physical behavior of soft tissue objects. These objects are commonly used to represent muscles, fascia, fat and skin, but can also be used to accurately represent any elastic material, like rubber, gelatine, or sponge.

Products & Results

Ziva VFX is the world’s leading creature simulation software and is used by over 100 studios on productions such as Game of Thrones, Captain Marvel, and Venom. Ziva VFX let’s artists automatically replicate the natural physics of muscles, fat, and skin, and removes the demanding shot sculpting and tweaking associated with traditional rigging methods.

Use and Application

To build a Ziva character, users create virtual objects in the shape of bones, muscles, fat and skin. The Ziva Solver applies physical properties to these objects using “materials”. Materials specify the physical properties of a simulation object. They describe how flexible, volume conserving and dense an object is. For active deformable objects, like muscles; fiber directions and contractile force can also be defined, commanding a character’s muscles to excite when undergoing contractions or extensions during animation. Once created, your characters can then be deployed into any number of shots, and simulated either locally or on a render farm using either our authoring or batch licenses.

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